Talkin’ Bout My Generation

People who recognize you for your true gender despite opposing cues are beautiful. And usually younger. I think the generation coming into theirs really gets it. The other day at work I was feeling tired, and didn’t put any makeup on or anything. I was getting “sir” all night. Except for once. This woman comes in and calls me him to her 15/16 year old daughter. The daughter responded to her mother’s question with a her instead. It was obvious that I was amab (assigned male at birth), but the consciousness of trans people existing, and my presentation, was enough for this girl to realize what to do to show respect to me. And it was the one redeeming moment of that night.
And I can’t wait to see this generation take power. Because as much as our parents’ generation wants to tell us we’re wrong, and too politically correct, and getting soft, theyre the ones making laws against the LGBT community while we try to make the world a little more comfortable for people who are different or a minority. And we’re pissed. We’re pissed because middle-aged straight white guys told us education was all we needed in this country. Because they ruined the economy with war and loans and rediculous tuitions. Because they’re trying to make laws that discriminate against gay people and laws that force trans people to use the wrong bathroom. And now we’re growing up and have mediocre jobs to pay off our giant loans and the idea of owning a house is just a pipe dream. And we’re tired of it. 
They judge us for being glued to our phones, but that’s how we socialize and share ideas with the world. And it’s not a bad thing. I have friends online that I’ve never met in person who I know better than some people I’ve known all my life. I’ve heard their voices and seen their faces. And I made connections that helped me figure out who I am. We’re part of a generation who will never feel like they’re the only one like them as long as they have internet access. 
This generation has the potential to be great because we have ideas and information at our fingertips. We can challenge ideas told to us with easily accessable facts. We can be heard for free worldwide with blogs like this one and find others who think like we do, or who make us question the way we think. 
And as bad and as hard as it is to be trans in this culture, 60 years ago it was illegal. We have a long way to go, but we’re making progress. Trans people are a little less afraid of coming out, and we’re seeing more and more do so as it becomes more and more acceptable to be trans. 
We’re taking over. We’re coming into our own. We’re fighting like millennial grrrls. 

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