Not Politically, Just Correct

The recent debates spurred by the confederate flag and freedom of speech, and the discussions I was subjected to after, got me thinking. 
When did not saying insensitive things become “political correctness?” When did freedom of speech start meaning freedom to say rude stuff and not be held accountable? 
People still have freedom of speech, and all those saying it’s being stepped on are the ones who are saying the ignorant things. You can still say whatever you want, but I can boycott your radio show or call you an idiot, too. Freedom of speech does not mean immunity. 
And political correctness is just a buzzword for people who use slurs and don’t care if they hurt other people. You’re really not willing to stop saying an offensive word to make someone feel better? What kind of selfish person are you? It’s not rebellious, and it’s not cool. It’s just disrespectful. 
That’s privilege in a nutshell, really. (But we’ll be devoting a whole post to that soon, anyway). The people whining about political correctness being stupid are the people who’ve never been called a tranny, a fag, a n-. They’re the people who use those terms to hurt. They are trying to keep these words mainstream to keep the oppressed oppressed. 
Not using these words isn’t “politically correct,” it’s common decency. I’ve said it many times before. Language. Shapes. Culture. It’s not politically correct, it’s just correct. 
Fight like a grrrl to make the world a more tolerant place through language. 

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